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Accessibility – Everyone’s Right


Connections Early Years Family Centre recognizes that the building(s) at 795 Giles Blvd. East and 763 Giles Blvd. East are not suitable for all the modifications that may be required to meet accessibility requirements of all who wish to access the services we provide.

Connections Early Years Family Centre is committed to working with all families to resolve their accessibility requirements and issues.

Current and future initiatives / plans will provide a framework to address the requirements and issues in order to ensure equitable access to our services.

Currently the main site (795 Giles Blvd. East) is not accessible to persons requiring wheelchair access; however wheelchair access can be accommodated at other sites for families who require speech services.

Families who require OEYC services can be given telephone / internet / mail support and individuals can be referred to similar OEYC services at other locations that are wheelchair accessible.

Accessibility Family Service Plan 

Approved by Board of Directors: August 25, 2011