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Parenting Courses and Groups

Connections Early Years Family Centre offers many parenting courses and groups. Course schedules vary during the year. Please contact the Centre to inquire when the next course or group you are interested in is offered.

What our families have to say about our courses and groups:

Parent Interaction Group

"I enjoyed the friends I made, the advice and the laughter."

"I was able to learn so much and apply the new things I learned from the group at home with my children and my husband."

"I love spending time with all the other parents and having the opportunity every week to talk and share. Nice reminder that we are all going through the same things."

"I appreciate the information that I receive from everyone. I also enjoy the relationships that are built."

"We are very fortunate to have such an amazing place with amazing people to come to!"

"I liked the multiculturalism…we are a great blend of parents."

Parenting Matters Course

"First experience here and very satisfied!"

"Excellent information, that I’ve already begun using. Awesome instructor!!"

"I’ve learned to respect my children more as people not as belongings."

"Amazing staff. Addressed all the issues identified in the first classes. Great handouts. Wonderful!"

10 Steps to Positive Discipline

"I enjoyed all the new steps and was very happy when they worked. The teachers were great!"

"I have learned that talking to the parents and learning new ways to try things was helpful."

"I love coming here. I have never known support and never felt comfortable asking for help until I became active in this centre."

"I really like the fact that we have our say and the great communication. I also find the information very helpful."

"I learned how to calm down and get down to my child’s level."

"Now I deal with my child with love and I teach in the moment."

"I’ve been opened to new, different and more positive ways of looking at parenting."

Child Care Program

"Amazing! Wonderful, kind, caring and knowledgeable."

"The staff was amazing and they treated my daughter wonderfully."

"Staff are amazing!! So friendly and helpful. They were so good at helping my child get used to staying and playing without me."

"The staff was great at helping meet the needs of my daughter while under their care."

Children’s Sexual Health

"Very Informative, awesome material, great learning, very interesting as always."

"Learned to get over the fear of teaching my daughter proper body parts (proper names)."

"Challenging, compassionate delivery and content. Lots of discussion. Subject no longer taboo."

"This is one of the best courses Connections Early Years Family Centre has ever conducted."

Going To School Program


"Program is very knowledgeable. Educated myself in areas that I am grateful to know."

"I am pleasantly overwhelmed and surprised how much was covered in this program."

"Great program! It makes such a difference to educate parents."

"I enjoyed listening to the speakers and gaining new information."


"My child has never been in daycare, so this program was fantastic to show her the structure / daily schedule she will be experiencing when she starts school. She loved it!"

"My child really enjoyed it."

"He loved it! Everyone should experience this, children love it."

"My son leaves with a positive, more confident attitude. Wish I had introduced him earlier."

Dads and Discipline

"I found it very helpful and informative."

"I enjoyed the discussion about discipline and the guidelines and suggestions offered with regard to different situations.

"The teacher was knowledgeable and established a comfortable environment, which ultimately led to group discussion."

"Peter gave a lot of practical information. I will use many of his strategies."

"Very well structured class with a good selection of topics. Good handouts to keep."

"Thank you for having this. Pleas consider having more. It is valuable time spent."

"I enjoyed the interaction. Peter’s presentation allowed us to relate and respond. Excellent course."

ESSO Family Math

"My child is now eager to count and do the things he did in class. He wants to learn."

"The class was well put together. I would recommend this program."

"My child still takes out the papers received and does the activities and counting at home."

Readers are Leaders

"My child enjoyed all of the activities offered and always looks forward to coming to Connections Early Years Family Centre for the reading program."

"This program is another way to help encourage literacy and it is appreciated."

B.A.B.Y. Group - Infant Massage

"It was fantastic and informative.”

"We were allowed to go at our own pace, were provided positive feedback during classes and all of our questions were answered.”

"My baby loves the one-on-one time and really relaxes.”

"A great way to connect with my baby!”

Play and Parenting

"Great staff; they are very knowledgeable and informed. It is great that there is male staff here as well.”

"My grandsons both enjoy the visits and look forward to coming. All of us learn as the children play. We are provided with a wide variety of resources.”

"Circle time is the perfect length; not too long, not too short. Love the songs. I have borrowed some on occasion.”

"100% positivity all the time. Free play and free expression are highly valued. We love coming here!”

"When we come in everyone is friendly. Staff and parents greet us by our names and make us feel welcome.”