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We believe in:

  • Early identification and intervention.
  • Parent and caregiver involvement.
  • Quick and easy access to information.
  • Services provided as close to home as possible (Ontario Early Years Centres, Early Learning and Childcare centres, and community centres).

Early Identification and Intervention are Important

  1. A minimum of 1 in 10 children in Ontario are at risk for speech and language problems.
  2. Hearing and communication can be tested at any age.
  3. Parents can help babies and young children to understand and use language.

Who May Make Referrals

Anyone may call Talk 2 Me:
  • Parents
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Doctors
  • Early Childhood Educators
Note: Parent/Guardian consent is required before services can begin.

Talk 2 Me
Essex Preschool Speech & Language Services
c/o Connections Early Years Family Centre
795 Giles Boulevard East
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 4E5

Tel: 519-252-9696
Fax: 519-252-7917
email: info@smflc.ca