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It's more than sounds and words. For a child, the first cry, the first smile, those first words begin a lifetime of communication. What if a young child needs help learning to communicate.

Talk 2 Me is the local preschool speech and language program for Windsor-Essex county. The Ministry of Children and Youth Services funds 31 Preschool Speech and Language Programs across Ontario.

Who is Talk 2 Me for?

Talk 2 Me provides services for families with children from birth to the time they start school.

Talk 2 Me Can:

  • Answer questions about your child’s speech, language and emergent literacy development.
  • Offer information on typical speech, language and emergent literacy development.
  • Give tips on what parents can do to help their child’s oral language and literacy skills develop.
  • Provide local assessment clinics where you can meet and consult a Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • Provide individual speech therapy, group therapy, and parent education sessions.

Where can you receive Talk 2 Me services?

Talk 2 Me provides services in a variety of settings throughout Windsor and Essex Count which may include:

  • Neighbourhood Ontario Early Years Centres.
  • Parenting and Family Literacy Centres.
  • Child Care Centres, home or other community settings.

Contact Talk 2 Me at 519-252-0636 if...

  • you have concerns about your child’s speech, language and emergent literacy development.
  • you need or want more information about the development of communication skills.

Talk 2 Me program services are provided by the following community partners:

  • Connections Early Years Family Centre (Lead Agency)
  • John McGivney Children's Centre
  • Children First

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