Parents and Families Love Us!


What our families have to say about our programs and groups:


I really enjoy the parenting courses and would love them to run throughout the summer. I find the courses to be very educational and I learn with a lot of information that I can put into use and discuss with other parents.

Parent, Parenting Courses

This is an amazing course that gives you step-by-step ideas that can be used easily.  It is the best!

Parent, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen course

I’ve learned new things about parenting and children that helped me at home.

My baby enjoys the socialization and new toys.

I’ve found out about other resources in the community.

– Parents, Drop In and Play

I appreciate the information that I received from everyone.  I also enjoyed the relationships that were built.

This group helped me feel more competent as a first-time parent.

I loved circle time with my baby.

– Parents, The B.A.B.Y. Group

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