This program includes universal newborn hearing screening,
high risk monitoring and services for children identified with a
permanent hearing loss in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent

The first months and years of a baby’s life are critical for developing language. Every year in Ontario, nearly four in 1,000 babies are born deaf or hard of hearing. More lose their hearing later as they grow.  Many of these children may need to learn speech and language differently, so it’s important to detect hearing loss as early as possible.  Undetected hearing loss can cause delays in your baby’s learning to talk which can lead to behavioural, cognitive and emotional problems.


Children who are deaf or hard of hearing have a better chance of developing effective language skills when hearing loss is identified early and they receive the support they need.


The Infant Hearing Program provides:


Newborn Screening
Audiology Services
Family Support
Communication Development Services

Infant Hearing Services are provided by the following system partners:

Infant Hearing Screening Clinics