Connections Early Years Family Centre understands the value
of fathers and their important role in their children’s lives


Children with involved fathers:

  • Develop more successfully
  • Are 2 times as likely to go on to post-secondary education
  • Are 2 times as likely to find a stable job
  • Are 75% less likely to become teenage parents
  • Are 80% less likely to spend time in jail
  • Have more curiosity and less fear socially
  • Show greater tolerance for stress and frustration
  • Have higher compassion and empathy
  • Feel better about themselves and make better choices
  • Have mothers that are happier
  • Have better relationships with their siblings

Connections Early Years Family Centre encourages and welcomes fathers to participate in all of the programs, courses, classes and activities offered at our Centre.

We also offer many programs specifically designed to meet the needs of fathers and their preschool children 0-6 years of age:


Dads Group with Family Child Care

Based on the Super Dads/Super Kids program, dads will participate in an interactive, planned activity with their children.  Afterwards, while the children are cared for, dads will participate in a discussion group led by a trained facilitator which provides an opportunity to discuss parenting topics of interest to dads with children 0-6.  They meet Tuesday nights from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Check out the Season Schedule for current dates.  For more information or to register please call the Centre at 519.252.9696.


Connections Dads Activities Committee

A group of dads who plan, sponsor and implement activities for dads and their children 0-6 years of age.  Some regular activities include Saturday & Sunday with Dad, Seasonal Family Walks at Ojibway Park and Date Night.   Check the Season Schedule for upcoming events.


Dads Matter Steering Committee Windsor-Essex County

A committee with representation from organizations across Windsor and Essex County including Community Dads, two Boards of Education, eleven community agencies and The City of Windsor.  The goal of the committee is to foster a healthy community wide action plan that recognizes, supports and celebrates the important role of fathers in the lives of their children.